19 Personal Training Marketing Ideas that bring you more customers

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Would you like to know how the most successful personal trainers market their personal business?

Consider yourself happy because today we provide you a laundry list of the best sources of personal training marketing ideas you can use to grow your business today.

Note: There will be nothing about wearing a polo with your logo (duh!) Or starting a Facebook page here.

We bring the heavy hoist with us. Ready?

Business and sales for personal trainers

Write for industry blogs to be featured as an expert

One of the best ways to showcase you is an expert, and an authority in the fitness industry is through other well-established media. But how do you break into this industry blog pages, journals or magazines?

There is a process to this mess:

First, you need to invest some time to create effective content on your website (you have a website right?). Before you can start reaching out to others and giving them insights into their publications, you need to prove that you know what you’re talking about.

If you approach a fitness blogger or other media company as an unknown, you will likely visit your website to see the quality of the writing. When they get to your website, they can also click on your social media links to see what kind of followers you have. While your social presence may be at the beginning, you can do your part to create some great content on your website, assuring the other blog owners that you will do the same for them.

What do you think of these pages?

You probably already know some influential people in the fitness industry. Start by writing down their names in an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc.

Next, do some Google searches on the topic you’d like to cover to find people in your niche.

For example, suppose your niche is High-Intensity Training (HIIT). Google “HIIT Training Tips” and here’s what you get:

Fitness Blog

Next, make a list of the sites that appear on the first two pages of the search results (without paying attention to the paid ads). The search above shows the following websites:

  • Body By Bell

Chances are many of the searches that you will do in the fitness industry will reveal these sites in the search results. I know what you’re thinking:

“How am I introduced to”

You would be surprised how receptive some of these sites are for fitness reviews by knowledgeable professionals. But websites are not people, and you need to narrow down your list to the people who write for these pages to appear on them.

To connect to the authors, you found on these sites:

The first step is to find the author of one of the posts that appear in your search. In this example, we look at the article and see the author, dr. Jim Stoppani, prominent along with his contact information:

You can connect to Jim on Twitter and Facebook and also visit his website to see if you can find an email address or a contact form. Then just start a dialogue and let him know that you are a fan of his work. Be careful if you do not invite directly to a guest blogging opportunity. Nourish your contact, share its content, and increase your chances of being open to a guest blog opportunity, or at least sharing some of your content.

But let’s go one step further and use Jim’s name to search for other sites that you can add to your list and repeat the same process. Remember that 80-90% of these people you reach decline or do not respond. That means you should have a pretty decent list.

That said, let’s see Google “Dr. Jim Stoppani,” where he otherwise writes:

Now we have a few more pages that Dr. Stoppani has written. Visit the page. It’s a review, not a website that you want to add to your list. You need to know who you’re reaching, so we’ve included that as an example.

The more you achieve, the better you will build relationships. The more relationships and articles are published, the more attention you receive and the more companies will grow.

Stay up to date with your existing customers via email

It is all too often the case that personal trainers do not use their existing customer base to up-sell or broaden their reach. One of the best ways to do this is by e-mail.

Consider this fact: Email has combined almost three times as many users accounts like Facebook and Twitter? That’s 2.9 billion.

E-mail is the most personal medium that exists, and you know what, personal training is also personal. You develop relationships with your customer based on their habits, diets, and goals; Email is a great way to connect personalized messages, links to relevant articles, or other business matters.

Plus, it’s the fact that email will help to stay in top opinion. This means that the customer you have only twice a month is still thinking of you if you have set yourself the goal of sending you e-mails that are made available to you or helpful to your overall customer base.

Consider investing in e-mail software such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to store all your past and past customer e-mails and send mass e-mails containing fitness and nutritional information to your organization Include fitness philosophies and show them how they can live healthier lives.

Make bank transfers more natural for your clients by providing them with tangible, sharable reference documents

If you’re like 90 percent of personal trainers out there, you’re likely to get most of your business from word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s great, and you never want to shy away from referral marketing as a long-term, continuous source of customers.

You still want to make sure that you do as much as you can to maximize the generation-generating behavior:

Referral-generating behaviors are the ideas that make you want your customers to talk about you.

Think of the usual way in which mouth-to-mouth transmission is initiated:

They are having a barbecue with friends, the host’s beautiful grass theme comes up, someone asks how he does it, and he tells them about the company that comes and sprays twice a month. Boom. Word of mouth recommendation for the turf company.

The host does not run around telling everyone about the lawn care company, it just kind of started talking. But he could mention the lawn care company in inspiring him with some reward.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait for the grill to get a recommendation. You can create self-generating proposals.

In your personal training business recommendations are a bit easier to get, because the results speak for themselves. Incentivize your customers to see their friends in you by letting them know that their referral will result in something free for them and their friend.

In a study conducted with referrals, it was shown that the person giving the referral was more interested in helping one of their friends than in helping themselves to the referral reward.

In other words, create an incentive for both sides of the referral – the referrer and the referee – to make both happy. A free personal coaching session for everyone is always a good idea, but you can become more creative if you want.

To go one step further, you facilitate the process of reference. Of course, you can tell your customers about your referral program and see what happens.

Or you can write some document or e-mail that you can easily share with your friend. In this way, your client has something suitable to convey, such as a card or e-mail, and the recipient has the card or e-mail to which they can redeem themselves.

It’s fine to ask your customers weekly or monthly for recommendations. Do not look desperate – make it clear to your customers that you are really busy by saying something like, “My schedule is just open, and I can get new customers, if you know someone who is interested, let them, Please know that I have some slots available. “Enhance your verbal message with the tangible email recommendation that you can forward to your friend or referral card.

Tip: If you are rushed, do not give your customers the impression that they are not. A busy personal trainer is considered an excellent personal trainer. Choose your times you look for recommendations so that you do not seem desperate. The e-mail approach works here because it’s a bit gentler than the verbal question.

Assign homework to your customers to make your sessions last longer

What is your typical session duration? 30 minutes? One hour?

Here is the thing:

Your customers will most likely pay you by the hour and want them to get the most out of their time.

How can you make them feel more out of their personal training than in the session?

With homework, that’s the way it is.

Give your clients things to do between sessions so they can feel the value of your services, always take something home and discuss something with them when they return to the next session.

Homework can be as simple as an exercise you can do alone, an attitude question or a dietary tip that requires a few purchases. It could also include a food or training journal where you can talk about what your client has noted in a future meeting.

Homework helps your client feel involved in their destiny and helps them connect with you on another level because they can think independently of you while they are away. This almost always leads to a customer who has many other questions and starts to gain a sense of value in their relationship.

Integrate homework with fitness technology

Many fitness trainers are approached by fitness apps like My Fitness Pal because they can provide diet and exercise recommendations to rid them of the need for a personal trainer. The thing is people who want personal trainers do not buy apps. They want the personal benefits that come with motivation and the personal element.

They provide all-encompassing programs and the personal experience you can not get from an app – muscle imbalances, pre-injury, corrective training, flexibility, weak muscle strengthening, and motion pattern analysis. Apps can not do that. In other words, they do not offer a one-size-fits-all size, and the fitness apps cannot take anything away from it, just supplement it.

Use My Fitness Pal (or a similar app) as you gain new customers. With BMR as a starting point, you can set and deliver nutritional recommendations. You can also use this information to tailor the training program and maximize the first meeting.

Knowing what new customers are eating can help you to give extra guidance outside of the gym. Monitoring which customers are eating and how many calories they burn makes you more professional and offers you another tool to impress the customer, but also to minimize the potential for error.

With My Fitness Pal, personal trainers can ‘make friends’ with customers, sharing their stats with them, and enabling collaboration. You can also comment on their contributions, stay up-to-date and continue your role as someone valuable to your health and fitness.

Invest in your education to become more valuable

What can you do to become even more valuable as a personal trainer? Certifications.

The leading accreditation bodies: NASM, ACE, ACSM, NSCA, etc …

All require a kind of training. Take this opportunity to get additional credentials that will prompt you to:

  1. experienced
  2. Desirable
  3. valuable

Take NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) certification, for example. This will enable you to provide more clients who want to overcome pain and fight muscular imbalances to prevent injury. Who has injuries? Pretty much everyone over 30.

Instead of a personal trainer that helps people lose weight or get in shape, you have now raised your title to someone who can help reduce pain.

Speaking of Education: Our Business and Sales CEU course provides all the CEUs you need to re-certify your CPT credentials and includes actionable steps to grow your business beyond what this blog offers.

Apparently, there are several specializations that you can do based on your interests and goals. Most accreditation bodies have certifications for things like nutrition, weight loss, group training, martial arts, youth fitness, seniors fitness and even golf.

The more you know, the more valuable you are. The more valuable you are, the more you can market yourself on guest blogs and fitness sites (see idea # 1).

In addition to studying for certifications and adding more plaques to the wall, you want a radar on the types of information your customers consume.

In conversations with your customers, new fitness trends or dietary trends may emerge, and you do not want to be disappointed.

Here is the reason:

If a client asks you a question about a fitness trend and you give a deer in the headlight response, your credibility can be called into question.

On the other hand:

If you are asked a question about a new fitness trend, and you can intelligently show what it means for you or for you, your customer will trust you even more and value you as a resource.

Just remember to study hard, attend conferences and workshops, and get additional certifications should not be considered an expense. They are investments in your business and your future.

Brand your personal training strategies and techniques

Have you ever heard of “Koga Fitness”? How about “8-minute ABS?” Zumba? Tae-Bo? Do you have the idea?

These are all examples of workout routines that are branded.

If you have a unique fitness strategy, tactic, or technique, make a name for it and talk about it.

Instead of telling your female clients that they are working on their legs and buttocks, why not tell them that you are working on your Signature Brazilian Booty Blast workout instead?

If you design something that people like, it will prevail, and you will be known for developing great training, rather than relying on the generic term “personal trainer.”

Who knows, maybe you’ll even create your own viral YouTube video and make millions for advertising?

Make sure you document your brand fitness strategies (legal and otherwise), so you can create marketing materials to support them. You will distribute them to customers and publish them on your website, so you can be sure that you will not save on the graphic design and quality you put behind these little-used marketing gems.

Get the most popular online directories to maximize website referrals

This particular personal training marketing idea can also fall into so-called SEO or search engine optimization.

See the search for “Personal Trainer West Palm Beach” below on Google:

PT Map Pack

You will see that the first seven results all appear in the so-called “map package.”

Now you no longer need a website in this map pack, but you are strongly advised to get some leads from general searches like this one.

The first thing you want to do is claim your business with Google. You can do this by visiting their website and creating your business quote for free:

While Google is probably the most critical listing (aka directory listing), there are others that you will try to come up with.

With the same search example of “Personal Trainer West Palm Beach” we can see some of the other favorite directory sites that you would like to see in the search results:

Organic Results Personal Trainer WPB

Go to these pages and see if you can add your personal training business to their directory.

They should work out as many quotes as possible to get into the “40s and 60s or more,” says Daniel Lofaso of Digital Elevator. “Quotes can affect about 20% of your ability to locally tend,” says Lofaso. He also mentioned a quick Google search for “local business quotes service” if you want to find a company that can help you build the most important quotes for your personal training business cost-effectively.

Sign up for an online Personal Trainer website (niche directories)

Niche directories, as mentioned above, can be very valuable for personal trainers looking for an online presence. To be included on these industry websites, you only need to add your listing to their directory, and you will benefit from cheap Xenical online prescribing from the exposure that these favorite websites offer.

It can be challenging to find the exact locations on these sites where you can add your contact information, but the listing portal is usually found in the footer. For example, one of the most popular personal trainer sites that are listed in is (which you also notice from the case above, came on the second search for “Personal Trainer West Palm Beach”).

On this website, there is a link in the footer that says “Get Listed.”

Personal trainer niche directories

Other sites may also have the portal in the footer, and this is usually the most logical place to look for it (unless it is on the homepage). Many of these sites, such as, also allow you to list your information for free in their directories, but there may also be some paid options.

How To Find Personal Trainer Listing Directories

The above way to find these niche personal trainer directories is simply to type “Personal Trainer [City]” in Google Search and see which ones are the most popular in your area. They will want to come to this first.

You can also get some solid directory entries by searching for “Personal Trainer Directory Listings”. Here are a few popular ones to help you get started:

  • iPersonalTrainer
  • handstand

These websites tend to rate better than your average personal trainer website, so it’s worth getting as many of them as you can.

Use your local Chamber of Commerce to sell group fitness kits to entrepreneurs based on employee productivity research

As a personal trainer, if you do not exercise, you usually feel like crap. Well, the good news for marketing as a personal trainer is that there is some scientific research that supports the above unscientific statement and you can use that to get in front of a multitude of potentially large clients.

The scientific material, which was even covered by an article in Forbes, looks something like this:

  • Companies are more profitable when workers are more productive;
  • Employees who train are more productive because they have a higher energy level and higher self-esteem. These healthy employees need fewer sick days, less absenteeism and less cost to the company for health care costs, all of which leads to savings for the company.
  • As a result, companies that promote or provide their fitness programs can benefit from increased productivity, lower costs, and ultimately, profitability.
    This stuff sells itself if you know who to sell it to. Guess what? I’ll tell you who to sell it to (Note: your local chamber of commerce will fit in here).

An excellent place to sell the idea of ​​employee group fitness packages is a place where business owners meet. One of the first places that come to mind is the local Chamber of Commerce (though you can approach any other organization that can have business owners).

I know what you’re saying, “Are not Chambers the places brokers and florists are trying to do business?” Well, yes, but you are smarter than that because you want to get these people to come in. You must rather clumsily try to shake a million hands to track down the decision makers and tell them about your great employee productivity / profitability idea.

Here’s what you do (assuming you’re a member of the organization you’re going to tackle):

  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce (do a Google search “[City] Chamber of Commerce”) and visit the “About” or “Board of Directors” page to find the contact information for the President or Executive Director. You can even call the general number to see who the appropriate person could talk to.
  • Next, tell them that you want to organize a workshop on “How Group Fitness Programs Can Improve Business Profitability.”
    Damn, we’ll make it easy for you. Here is a script that you can use:

Hello Director Gluteus,

I am a new member of the Chamber, and I want to get more involved in the organization. I would like to organize a workshop in the Chambers on “How Group Fitness Programs can Improve the Company’s Profitability.” This is a research-based topic that shows how investing in employee fitness programs leads to increased employee productivity.

Please let me know if this is something that you think the members are interested in, and I can tell you more details.


Personal Trainer Bob

Now that you’ve gone straight to the source and asked for help to organize an event that benefits its members, you’ll probably get a clear “yes” to your request. Now you need to start building the presentation that you have built.

Use the following studies (A, B, C, and D) as reference points to create a PowerPoint presentation containing:

  • Uses science to show how fitness leads to less absenteeism, increased productivity and profitability.
  • Shows your recommendations for group fitness programs that meet your criteria so that employees stay physically fit (e.g. twice a week).
    Show them that you have already created a great program to which they can enroll their employees today!
  • Now the chamber is useful because it will market your workshop for you. To get them off to a good start, ask them to send the news about their amazing workshop to their entire email list and social networks. Also, make sure that you emphasize that the workshop is intended for entrepreneurs or decision makers to make this kind of people appear. The email will probably also attract general staff training customers, and that’s not a bad thing!

To go one step further, try to mention in marketing that space is limited and that the follow-up email should say “only a few seats left” or something similar that indicates the demand for your workshop. Get a list of all participants before or after the workshop so that you can continue working and thank you for participating.

Membership in a chamber is $ 500 / year (give or take). So if you have only one customer, it is likely that he will pay himself.

Partner with local health-conscious companies

In the example above, we learned how to use the power of a much larger organization to market our services. You can do the same by working with other health-conscious companies.

Not only does this give you the commitment the company can offer because of its much larger network, but it also tells you how credible it is when a credible business mentions your services.

For example, in my neighborhood, there is a local café that attracts many young, active people and holds only yoga classes every weekend. There are about 10 to 15 people who show up for the one-hour classes and make the instructor about $ 10 per pupil times the two or three classes they give each day. At $ 300 to $ 450 a day and just three hours of work, that’s not a bad partnership.

She can also connect with people who care about their services, who can become customers for the rest of the week.

In your opinion, which local companies would contribute to good partnerships in your community? Take some time to explore the possibilities and see if your services are suitable for the companies you want to address.

Donations to charity

Donations to charity are good for two reasons – tax deductions and free exposure – and for this personal trainer marketing idea we will focus on the latter (click on the previous link to check the possible charities for specific tax information),

This is a bit of a diamond in the rough marketing tip I used before, and that has brought me quite a few new customers. Here’s how it works, it’s pretty simple.

Research on upcoming charity events in your area by googling “charity events [city].” Once you find one that you are most likely to resonate with, contact the event manager to inform them that you are interested and that you can donate something personal to training sessions as a prize.

If this is acceptable, see if you can be mentioned by name (or website or brand) during the charity and on its website and marketing materials. I found that offering a free 3-pack package is a great way to get noticed, gives you the opportunity to turn that offer into a customer, and gives you a nice tax break if you get it right.

Get a booth at a swap or flea market

A Swap Meeting is a gathering where like-minded enthusiasts meet to share things of common interest. They can get a stand at a swap meeting or a trade show – gyms do this often – and offer things like body fat reviews or hold fitness contests. For example, hold a push-up competition where the person who makes the most pushups (within a minute) gets one or two personal workouts.

The idea is to collect contact information for each participant and then call everyone and tell them that they have won and given them their free session, in the hope that they will become a paying customer. The booth at the exchange meeting could give you a few dollars back, but if you’re able to land a few customers, it will pay for itself.

You can discover local exchanges in the same way you find charity events by googling them. Type in “swap meet near me” on Google and take part in local events and ask if you can get a booth. Look at these tips to market yourself at a flea market.

Offer healthy shopping

As a coach, you know that nutrition is for the best athletes. Please request that your customers contact us to find out what you have to do is a great way to offer and to do more to learn about their results.

This works when you bring one customer to the other favorite grocery and see his budget, his likes and fitness goals are right. The same is not, this to criticize, when this directly on the Twinkies together, the songs of the Twinkies together.

As a bonus, or if you offer an additional service, you can also create a nutritionally balanced nutritional plan for you so you can quickly follow up and get results. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, or muscle gain, your expertise will allow you to create something valuable, and you’ll still have to come back for more advice over and over again.

You receive competitions and customers that interest you

If you want to turn things upside down, then you’ve come to the right place. Looking for public relations presentations, this idea is for you. Hold your own competition “Biggest Loser” with your customers and set a start date, weight or, if you specialize in another area, gains in the chest or biceps.

Once you have your pool of participants, start to sound the horn. Get local companies to meet you and remember that you should opt for value for money. Involving this look at the low currency media to see if it covers the story. The media like this art of good mood stories. If you also receive them and you can do so, you need to increase your profits from abroad by sharing your earnings from offering free offers (as well as the local companies that involve you).

After the start time has elapsed, let your participants and the media know who the winner is. You should take pictures before and after and do them on your website, in the gym, and on social media to make progress and how big your training is. You can also run the contest to check yourself and review customer references to learn more about your customers.

Get a personal training session “Bring a friend to any session, anytime”

You can always invite a new friend to a meeting, or you can invite a new friend. The functioning double, where friends done with friends training and when you could use this action, are not all that, what you want to the great.

This practice works best when your customers say that you can do the action to create an accurate tooth declaration with a specific date (you need a detailed disclaimer when you work out in a gym). The idea is, Do customers have something to do – the better the tooth declarations, the better – that you can give to your friends.

When the friend comes to work with him and her clients, it will be easy to get to know them quickly. When you see how it is and how big it is, you should decide to sign up for your sessions.

Offer package prices to promote longer-term relationships

You may have heard the old marketing cliché that recruiting new customers costs five times as much as a prospective one to keep them. Whether that’s real or not, the reality is that more time is invested should you impress customers than create new business opportunities.

Remember the cell phone companies – do you also find it annoying that all promotions are for new customers and existing, long-term customers are getting the wave? The lesson here is not like the cell phone companies that benefit from existing customers by upselling them and keeping them in the long run.

One of the best ways to do that is to offer package prices – something like “Buy five sessions get a free one” – to create real value for your customers. This not only extends your relationship, gives you more time to prove results, but also shows your customers that their wallets are important to you.

Buy a specific device and invite people to use it

Sometimes fitness equipment can boost your ideas by seeing you better than you ever could. For example, I bought a slide and encouraged people to use it on a skating rink. Slide boards are especially helpful in building strength and stamina in the legs, and my goal was to win both hockey players who wanted a competitive advantage and figure skaters who wanted to improve their steps.

As people approach your specific equipment area, try recruiting them as customers or adding them to your marketing list because they need to sign up to participate. Give them a free test of the equipment and explain the benefits and pay particular attention to their fitness goals. Just make sure anyone who wants to test your devices signs up for your marketing list so you can access it later.

Other cooling equipment: big ass tires, combat or climbing ropes, etc.

Do fitness competitions yourself

Apply yourself in a bodybuilding contest – such as a “figure contest” – and the awareness you get from the match, as well as the marketing you use to promote how good you look on social media.

Crossfit trainers do this all the time. They will often see a coach at a CrossFit game or similar competition wearing their gym clothes, doing wonders for their revelation. Not only do people see you in action and put your strength and training techniques into practice, but they also understand you train in a gym, instantly giving you credibility and directing your attention to your gym or brand.

Include the power of cross-referencing

Personal trainers are not isolated in their goal of helping clients get well. There are many other health and fitness professionals who help people to become their best, which does not necessarily include weight training or exercise.

These are the types of professionals you should look for – start with five – so that you can refer clients to each other. Think of local dietitians, chiropractors or physiotherapists, doctors, hairdressers, massage therapists, sports coaches, etc. that can benefit your customers. The referral partnership should be communicated – not just to let the other expert know that you should try to refer consciously – and be proactive about your referrals.

If you refer to it, go one step further and call the Professional with your customer who is standing next to you, or send him an e-mail and CC client to get the connection. Do not just say, “Visit Dr. Jones,” build the relationship and benefit from instances where your referral network does the same for you.

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